How did we come up with Sicché?

Sicché was born from the needs of market research professionals. As market researchers, after having tried dozens of different platforms, we decided to design an ideal platform without constraining ourselves.

The process lasted more than a year, after which we asked some mobile UX experts to design a prototype of the platform based on our needs. 5 months after the prototype was completed and tested with a number of research directors, freelance moderators, clients and interviewers.

Thanks to this co-creation process Sicché, the Online Market Research Renaissance was born.

We believe in research, we believe that research needs a sophisticated but simple to use platform.



Meet the team

Andrea Lombardi


aka Endriu, half-nerd Florentine psychologist, if Sicché exists it's his fault 😎. Among his adventures that have gone down in history, in 1992 he was Kobe Bryant's teammate at the Cutigliano camp, in 2004 he escaped from the Tsunami wave on the beach of Mahabalipuram...

Alice Porracchio

Head of innovation

aka Cicezz, a sociologist from Turin, followed the birth of Sicché by annihilating almost a thousand bugs. Passionate about subculture and club culture, she spends more time in Ibiza than in Turin, but you can also find her on Tik Tok, in her dances with Zuko 🐶

Francesca Corbetta

Community manager

Psychologist specialising in marketing and consumer behaviuor, has extensive experience in online communities, especially long term. Passionate about DIY and home design. Mother of two brats who steal her sleep but above all her heart ❤️