The ideal platform for qualitative research

Born from the needs of qualitative market research professionals, developed by mobile UX experts

100% User Friendly

An easy, fully responsive and intuitive platform. Designed and optimised for mobile use
Emotions come First!
The first platform to include associative tests, some of which we scientifically validated!
Qualitative before all
Sicché is designed for motivational research-centred approaches. But it includes quantitative tools!
Always 'listening'
We are our client’s partners! We make continuous improvements by listening to those who use Sicché

The cutting edge
Qualitative Research platform
Find out Why!

Designed for mobile

No need to download APPs: just a few clicks and respondents are ready to join in!


Mobile friendly

Each function and type of question is easy to use even with a smartphone. Respondents can always see the number of unanswered questions and will receive notifications and alerts each time the moderator interacts with them


Straight to the point

Sicché is designed to help researchers read and understand results easily and quickly, with the ability to filter by segment in real time. The focus is on content, not on “how does the platform work”...
Automatic graph generator

Different types of questions have different graphs automatically created to help you better understand results

Smart quotes

While moderating you can highlight and save the best quotes - ready for analysis and report writing!


Useful analysis features

When designing our platform, we thought of all the analysis functions and features a qualitative researcher might need. We even created a feature to build personas and filter content using them!


Total flexibility

No time or space limits! We give an additional 30 days per hire, unlimited virtual rooms, projects that are always accessible, and that's not all...

The right fieldwork and analysis times

Distribute your active field days as you see fit, without any constraints

From our experience

Our goal is to design the ideal platform for online qualitative research projects


Advanced AND easy to use features

We are a team of qualitative researchers coordinating IT developers and UX designers. This is why our platform is easy to use AND beautiful!


Ongoing innovation

We have a partnership with the University to go beyond “standard solutions” for qualitative research projects and think “outside the box”. Stay tuned!

A plethora of new features are on their way!

We are currently redefining online association tests and how they are used...

Some of the research institutes we work with, in Italy or abroad...